A few comments (that were part of a previous post)

August 31, 2009

I’ll try to add links and maybe even pictures when I get a chance. This is still a bit new to me, so I’ll have to figure out how it all works.

I enjoy writing and discussing things, so I welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions and criticisms. I would also like to thank the creator of the Eating in Translation blog http://www.eatingintranslation.com/ for helping inspire me to give this a try.

I came upon his great photographs on Flickr when I was trying to get illustrations for some new articles on Wikipedia about foods from Jamaican cuisine. The blog’s author was nice enough to give permission for the use of his photograph and responded courteously to other questions I asked.

It’s always nice to connect with friendly humanoids over the often impersonal internet. And as a foodie, I enjoyed checking out his terrific blog. So if anyone is in NY, or curious, have a look. Their Flickr photo stream is fun too. More on all that another time. PEACE!


Watch where you step

August 27, 2009

One of my interests is Wikipedia. A wacky do-it-yourself collaborative encyclopedia that is built behind the scenes in a strange mix of collaboration and guerilla warfare, communal consensus and gangland mob rule. It’s a fascinating social experiment and is a hugely successful resource providing free access to information on an enormous range of subjects.

The encyclopedia that anyone can edit, Wikipedia has achieved its coverage by utilizing the internet and wiki software that allows people all over the world to make edits and work up content. Things get interesting when there are disputes, and despite its communal and collaborative ideals, a hierarchy based on established editors and community elected administrators calls the shots.

On one of the noticeboards where problems are discussed, I came upon a dispute over the Lawrence Solomon article. Solomon is a Canadian author of books on energy, sprawl, and environmental issues. He is an outspoken opponent of nuclear power and a global warming skeptic. Needless to say, his criticisms of mainstream conventions and approaches to environmental issues has drawn ire from those who advocate these positions.

Solomon and his colleagues in the conservative media say he is an  environmentalist, but a group of leftist Wikipedians have been in dispute with Solomon for over a year and are objecting to that descriptor. They also  reject his ideas and positions on environmental issues.

Following a pattern that plays out on political topics, they refuse to allow the use of conservative media sources and are trying to diminish Solomon and his viewpoints as far as is possible. I started looking into Solomon’s books on Amazon to see what he has actually written and came upon his blog. It seems he isn’t a fan of Wikipedia.

Hello world!

August 26, 2009

It’s just past midnight somewhere, and this blog was just born.